At Long Last, A DEEP BLUE SEA Sequel Is Being Made

When it comes to shark-related sequel, there’s Steven Spielberg’s Jaws … and everything else. No other film in the genre has had anywhere near as much bite as Spielberg’s original blockbuster but in 1999, one film came close to launching an all-new “death by shark” franchise. That film of course is Deep Blue Sea, which delivered such classic scenes as LL Cool J swearing vengeance against a shark for eating his parrot and Samuel L. Jackson being eaten alive by another shark (it may very well have been the same shark, come to think of it) while delivering a rousing speech about survival. It’s a pretty great film, in other words.

According to a report on Slashfilm, a sequel is finally being made and is being developed for Syfy. Few details have been revealed so far, but we do know that the film will be directed by Darin Scott and stars The 100’s Michael Beach. Considering Syfy’s track record of other shark-related “masterpieces” (five Sharknado films and counting!), it’s a safe bet that Deep Blue Sea 2: Electric Sharkaboo will be even crazier and over-the-top than the original. Unfortunately, we probably won’t see either LL Cool J or Thomas Jane (the only two survivors from the first film) returning for the sequel, but you never know! Hopefully LL will at the very least provide a follow-up to his incredible end credits song, “Deepest Bluest.”

Source: Slashfilm

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)