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8 Potential ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Off Movies We Want To See Source: Wikipedia

With a little over a month to go until The Force Awakens hits theaters, we’re about to enter into a whole new era of Star Wars films. We already know that Disney plans to divide the franchise into a new trilogy with episodes such as The Force Awakens and the as-yet untitled Episode VIII directed by Rian Johnson on one side, and multiple spin-off “Anthology” films such as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, due out near the end of 2016, on the other. Other confirmed projects include a Han Solo standalone picture and another untitled project that hit a bit of a snag earlier this year when director Josh Trank was dismissed. In short, get ready to see a lot more Star Wars at your local cinema in the coming years, as Disney is going all-in with the galaxy far, far away. With that in mind, we thought we’d offer up a few suggestions for potential spin-offs, just in case Disney is looking for any ideas (we’ll take our royalty checks in real money; republic credits are no good around here).

8. “Imperial Stormtroopers”

Stormtroopers are the cannon fodder of the original trilogy; if they’re not hitting their heads on door frames, they’re missing almost every shot they take (do they have poor aim or bad eyesight?). From the look of things, The Force Awakens is addressing these issues, as the Stormtroopers of the First Order seem a lot more competent than their Imperial predecessors. Still, it would be nice to see something set during the events of the Rebellion that painted the Stormtroopers in a better light. To that end, an “Imperial Stormtroopers” film would focus primarily on the 501st Legion, the Galactic Empire’s most elite soldiers, as they run missions around the galaxy. This would also offer a chance to humanize the men and women underneath those iconic helmets; perhaps a group of central characters in a squad who must deal with their conflicting viewpoints about the Empire’s tactics and how they deal with the Rebel Alliance. Think Starship Troopers without bugs. Source:

7. “Alderaan”

Much like the Star Wars Battlefront video games focus on the nameless frontline soldiers of the Star Wars universe, a film about Princess Leia’s doomed home planet could shed light on the everyday denizens of the galaxy and how they deal with living under Imperial rule. “Alderaan” could cast a whole new set of characters alongside Leia’s adoptive parents, Senator Bail and Queen Breha Organa, as they try to cope with the imminent destruction of their planet by the Death Star. A bit of retconning would have to happen of course, as the Empire blows the planet up with almost no warning whatsoever in A New Hope, but there’s a great opportunity to depict a peaceful, prosperous society before it gets completely destroyed forever. A New Hope kind of just glossed over the fact that millions, perhaps billions, of people are killed in an instant; “Alderaan” could be a good way to make that loss have a bit more meaning. Source:

6. “Boba Fett: Bounty Hunter”

It’s already all but certain that a Boba Fett solo outing is on the way and really, Disney would be crazy not to give the popular bounty hunter his own film. Fett’s effortless cool factor and smug professionalism would make for a great antihero story that could delve into some morally-gray waters that Star Wars hasn’t tried before. The only real question would be: do you set the film before Return of the Jedi or after? It’s been made canon that Fett survives his encounter with the Sarlaac Pit and opening a film with the bounty hunter fighting his way out of the belly of the beast would be incredible to witness. It might also be interesting to explore Boba Fett’s early days and his rise from being a no name novice to the feared bounty hunter we know and love. A Boba Fett film could just be two hours of the character piloting Slave One and capturing fugitives and it would be fantastic; add in a legitimate story and some character development and the possibilities are almost endless.,manual Source:

5. “HuttFellas”

The criminal underworld of the Star Wars universe has received some attention, particularly the Hutt cartel, but it’s time that seedy underbelly was given its full due. We all know that Jabba The Hutt has Tattooine under his slime-fisted rule, which would make perfect fodder for a gangster film in the vein of Goodfellas or The Godfather. Getting to see Jabba as the ruthless criminal overlord he’s supposed to be — and not the obese, largely incompetent creature he’s been depicted as in the past — would be an interesting wrinkle and would open the door to all sorts of shady double-dealings and hired bounty hunters (keep an eye open for Boba Fett, who just might pop up to wish Jabba luck…and shoot things). Introduce a few other Hutts who want to muscle (flab?) their way in on Jabba’s turf and you have the makings of an epic crime drama, which would also do well as a TV series. Source:

4. “Jedi and Sith”

We only really have a vague idea of what a Jedi and Sith film would entail (hopefully a better title for starts) but a film focused on a war between Jedi and Sith set in the times of the Old Republic would make for a fantastic action spectacle. We’ve never really seen the Sith at their most powerful in any of the films, barring the end of Revenge of the Sith perhaps, so it would be great to see them at the height of their power. While a central battle between a large group of Jedi Knights and Sith Lords would comprise the climactic showdown, there would also be a lot of room for a battle of morals and ethics between the two diametrically opposed factions, which would help shed light on the age-old nemeses and why they hate each other so much. In short, we’d just like to see The Knights of the Old Republic the movie. Source:

3. “Young Yoda”

For a character who has been featured in nearly every Star Wars film to date, we still know very little about Master Yoda, the little green Jedi who could. Heck, even his official Wiki entry contains very few details about Yoda’s early life, with both his species and home planet shrouded in mystery. Considering he’s almost 1000 years old by the time we meet him in The Empire Strikes Back (we’re going by the timeline of movie release dates here), there is a huge opportunity for a film dedicated to Yoda’s backstory. One of the more interesting angles that this spin-off film could take would be to show Yoda at a time before he was a wise Jedi Master, full of doubt and unsure of himself or his abilities. You just know that Yoda’s seen a lot in his centuries-long life and it would be great to see a film explore some of those experiences. Source:

2. “Rogue Squadron”

If the Stormtroopers are (hypothetically) going to get their own movie, it only makes sense that the men and women of the Rebel Alliance would too. The natural inclination would be to focus on the Rogue Squadron X-Wing pilots and their various high-flying missions for the Rebellion. The war between the Rebels and the Galactic Empire was much more complex than the few battles we got to witness in the movies, so seeing some of those conflicts from the perspective of the Rebellion’s most important fighter squadron would be a good way to expand the size and scope of the war that was only really hinted at in the original trilogy. Admittedly, things might get a bit confusing having the word “Rogue” in more than one movie, but that’s just a working title after all. Source:

1. “Binks: A Fish Out of Water Story”

“Jar Jar Binks is a young Gungan just trying to climb the corporate ladder. But when a rival employee steals his idea for a new gooberfish-based adhesive product, things quickly go from bad to worse.” Source:


Just kidding. Nobody wants this movie. Read on for the real #1

1. “Darth Vader”

Only Star Wars‘ most popular and iconic character can lay claim to the top spot. As the current critically-acclaimed run of Darth Vader comics set between the events of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, there is a deep well of story and character moments to pull from when it comes to everyone’s favorite Sith Lord. There is a ton of great content in the comics to mine for a potential movie, but you could also focus on the events immediately following Revenge of the Sith, when Vader has newly turned to the Dark Side and is tasked with eliminating the rest of the Jedi. Whether Disney chooses to give him a solo movie or not though, you can bet that we’ll be seeing Darth Vader pop up at some point in a future film. Source:

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)