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There is something to be said about the science fiction genre, and films that warrant a quality remake. True classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey and Close Encounters of the Third Kind…? They don’t need to be touched. Let them play on. We’re more interested in remaking science fiction flicks that had great stories, yet suffered from a lack of science, or the development of film arts and sciences—practical and special effects. Some of the following films are slated for remakes, but until cameras are rolling… Hollywood studios: get these seven into pre-production pronto, please.

7. Cocoon

Color us sentimental, but there is something eternally delightful about Cocoon. Getting a group of screen legends together to make any film is always a bonus, but when those legends are in the twilight of their careers, and lives, it’s a rare and special treat. The original Cocoon story holds up 31 years later. It was directed by Ron Howard, and starred screen icons such as Wilford Brimley, Hume Cronyn, Don Ameche, Brian Dennehy, Maureen Stapleton, Jessica Tandy and the incomparable Gwen Verdon. This foray into science fiction was as much science fantasy, or spiritual sci-fi, than fiction based in science—which most sci-fi flicks are. Either way, this film is ripe for a remake. The original did warrant a sequel, suggesting the fan base is still out there yearning for more. And thinking of current legends in the senior citizen class…? Every cast member could be an Oscar winner. Source:

6. Krull

Krull was more fantasy/adventure than it was science fiction, but a remake could delve deeper into science fiction elements. The 1983 flick is not well-reviewed based on contemporary standards, and doesn’t really hold up well in the realm of special effects or pacing. The costumes, however…? Pure magic. Ultimately, the story is a quest, and Krull is the twist. No spoilers here. If remade, it could really take advantage of contemporary VFX, as well as a story reboot, and a cast of actors who were probably fans of the movie when they were kids. In the lead role of Colwyn, perhaps someone like Chris Pine? Or if producers really wanted to build this house upon quite a foundation, they could pitch Brad Pitt as Colwyn, and Angelina Jolie as the Widow of The Web. The film would be complete if Liam Neeson were to reprise his role, or make a cameo. Source:

5. Logan’s Run

Logan’s Run was going to happen. The remake was greenlit, and they were about to push into pre-production with Ryan Gosling starring as Logan. Then, the bottom fell out. Scheduling conflicts. It would have been cool to see the film starring Ryan Gosling, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. Their collaboration on Drive was spectacular, but their most recent dramatic experiment, Only God Forgives, might have killed their duo mojo. As it stands, the embers are still burning, and Simon Kinberg is the man at the helm, set to produce with Joel Silver for Warner Brothers. The remake will hopefully do a little more justice to the novel than the original film from 1976. The film is in good hands with Simon, and he’ll have a deep well of talent to choose from for the titular role. Logan must look younger than a certain age. Source:

4. The Final Countdown

Something about The Final Countdown holds up pretty well: the concept. The filmmaking in the original was pushed to the limit, and that’s why it was appreciated when released in 1980. The film features a time-space warp, in which a modern aircraft carrier is transported to 1941 just before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. There are so many different ways a remake could go. It’s probably too soon to mess with the sentiment surrounding 9/11, but to address the Pearl Harbor travesty again…? It could work. The story would need a serious reboot. Maybe writers could play with the conflict of WWII making the United States a superpower, and if it didn’t happen, things wouldn’t have flourished? Okay, Hollywood, get outside the box, and remake this thing. Source:

3. Flight of the Navigator

Sarah Jessica Parker at her best? Quite possibly. It’s hard to believe that it has been 30 years since Disney released Flight of The Navigator, and planted the seed of “quantum mechanics is cool” into every child. The film dives a little deeper than a lot of kids might understand, and it still holds up nicely for this generation. Some of the creatures and flying effects are thoroughly dated, but Paul Reubens serving as the voice of Max, the time traveling space ship…? Money. We’d love to hear Paul reprise his voice role in a remake, and Disney has a plethora of talented kids who could play the lead role of David. We imagine that a remake of this family sci-fi classic would be a pretty fun foray into 3D, as opposed to the tacked on depth added to every other release these days. Source:

2. The Black Hole

How about this 1979 oddity produced by Mickey Mouse? It was dark for Disney, and slid into the era where they ventured into shadowed territory. The Black Hole and Something Wicked This Way Comes are perfect examples. We’d love to have more of that from Disney now. The Black Hole featured a stellar cast, all serving as crew on the USS Palomino, an exploratory vessel in the year 2130 on a rescue mission. Great set up, right? Overall, the execution for 1979 wasn’t terrible, especially considering the producers were trying to hook the child audience. Unfortunately, there was some terrifying stuff going down, and some very unsavory, unsettling characters still haunting the dreams of people who are now in their 30s and 40s. With the deeper understanding of black holes, and the mapping and VFX artists did for Interstellar, this remake is ready for a green light. Source:

1. Dune

This remake is highly anticipated, and will hopefully happen within the next decade. Sure, there has been chatter for years, but until cameras are rolling, it’s not really happening. Paramount had the thing in the pipe, and was willing to pump $175 million into the project, but Peter Berg dropped out as director, and the project began to flail. They finally ditched efforts in 2011; however, if someone hot were to come along, and say, “Give me Dune. I’m gonna do it well,” that’s all it would take to get it onto the future slate. So, here we have a film from 1984, based on a novel from 1965, that gave birth to a series that is still in continuation, displaying a future world where interstellar travel is the norm, precious resources are finite and war can be waged ecologically. Remake it now! Source:

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