12 Stars You Didn’t Know Have Won Both An Oscar And A Razzie

An Oscar is a highly sought after award that commemorates a monumental achievement within the film industry. A Razzie (Golden Raspberry Award), on the other hand, is an award given in recognition of the very worst cinematic accomplishments.

Unsurprisingly, in the incredibly fickle world of show business, there are times when even the most successful Oscar-caliber stars give a poor performance or find themselves stuck in a bad role. And when they do, the Razzies are always there to knock them down a peg. Here’s a look at 12 actors and actresses who have had the honor and dishonor of winning both an Oscar and a Razzie.

12. Nicole Kidman

Touted as one of the most talented actresses of her generation, it’s no surprise that Nicole Kidman has received multiple Academy Award nominations for Best Actress. Although she did eventually claim the Oscar for her role as Virginia Woolf in The Hours, she’s still made a few duds over the course of her career. The 2005 movie remake of the 60s TV show Bewitched was particularity awful and earned her a Razzie for Worst Screen Couple alongside co-star Will Ferrell.

http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/bewitched-the-movie/images/5224337/title/bewitched-photo Source: fanpop.com

11. Ben Affleck

Very few actors have had a Hollywood career as turbulent as Ben Affleck’s. In 1997, when he was only 25, he and best bud Matt Damon won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay with Good Will Hunting. However, after shooting to the top of the A-list, a series of poor creative choices resulted in his career taking a pretty bad tumble. In 2003, he won the Worst Actor Razzie for starring in not just one, but three terrible movies! But it would take more than that combined awfulness of Daredevil, Gigli, and Paycheck to sink Ben Affleck. Over the next decade he reinvented himself as a critically-acclaimed filmmaker and returned to claim his second Academy Award in 2013 for his directorial effort in Argo which took home the Oscar for Best Picture. In fact, the Razzie community was so impressed by his career turnaround that they bestowed upon him a special ‘Razzie Redeemer’ award in 2015.

http://www.geekbinge.com/2013/12/04/ben-affleck-says-daredevil-biggest-regret-apparently-forgets-dark-period-life-known-gigli/ Source: geekbinge.com

10. Al Pacino

With a total of eight Oscar nominations, including a Best Actor win for his role in the 1993 picture Scent of a Woman, Al Pacino is unquestionably a great actor. But, when you take a look at the roles he’s taken in recent years, the argument could easily be made that the iconic star’s best acting days are behind him.

Pacino’s slide into mediocrity was ultimately solidified in 2012 when he won the Razzie for Worst Supporting Actor and Worst Screen Couple for his torturous performance in the Adam Sandler debacle known as Jack and Jill, in which he played himself. Just to give you an idea of how bad the movie really is: in the entire history of the Razzie awards, Jack and Jill is the only film to ever come away with a clean sweep, winning every single trophy handed out that night. Yikes.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/celebritology/post/jack-and-jill-eight-things-you-will-actually-see-for-real-in-adam-sandlers-latest/2011/11/10/gIQAPPWbAN_blog.html Source: washingtonpost.com

9. Sofia Coppola

As the daughter of Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia Coppola got her first shot as an actress starring in her father’s The Godfather movies. Although she only had very minor roles in the first two movies — she was still an infant at the time, after all — she finally got a decent amount of screen time in The Godfather: Part III. Sadly, her performance was less than likable, resulting in her receiving a Razzie for both Worst Supporting Actress and Worst New Star in 1992. Probably not quite the warm welcome from Hollywood she was hoping for.

Fortunately, Sofia made the transition from a career in front of the camera to one behind it, going on to remake herself as a distinguished writer and director. In 2004, she attained critical and commercial success with Lost in Translation, which earned her the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

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8. Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando is widely considered to be one of the greatest actors of all time. In addition to five Golden Globes, Three BAFTAs, and an Emmy, Brando also has two Best Actor Academy Awards for his roles in The Godfather and On The Waterfront.

But in the later days of his acting career, Brando gained a reputation for being difficult to work with on set, which led to him appearing in very few movies after the release of Apocalypse Now in 1979. And the infrequent movies he did make during the 80s and 90s weren’t very well received, either. His worst performance, and the one the Razzies recognized him for, was his role as Dr. Moreau in the infamously lousy adaptation of H.G. Wells’s classic novel The Island of Doctor Moreau. Apparently, during production of the movie, Brando spent most of his time in his trailer and couldn’t even be bothered to learn his own lines.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/film/the-island-of-dr-moreau/making-of-marlon-brando-richard-stanley/ Source: telegraph.co.uk

7. Liza Minnelli

Early in her career, Liza Minnelli earned a Best Actress Academy Award for her performance as Sally Bowles in the 1972 movie Cabaret. Although she was able to use that role as a springboard to other acclaimed performances in films like New York, New York and Arthur, she never quite gained the same recognition in cinema again as she had with Cabaret. In 1988, she was awarded the Worst Actress Razzie for her performances in Rent-A-Cop and Arthur 2: On the Rocks.

But a little acting slump didn’t do much to stop Liza Minnelli from accumulating other prestigious awards throughout her illustrious career. Over the years she’s won four Tonys, two Golden Globes, an Emmy, and an honorary Grammy — making her one of the only people in the world to earn an EGOT.

http://www.sky.com/tv/movie/arthur-2-on-the-rocks-1988 Source: sky.com

6. Faye Dunaway

Even though she’s starred in a slew of esteemed films like Chinatown, Bonnie and Clyde, and The Towering Inferno, Faye Dunaway has still somehow managed to accumulate more Razzies than Oscars over the course of her 45 year movie career.

After winning the Best Actress Oscar for Network in 1976, Dunaway’s career floundered in the 80s and, despite receiving some praise for her performance as Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest, she still ended up winning the Razzie for Worst Actress in 1984. Ten years later she won again, only this time it was a Worst Supporting Actress Razzie for her role in the terrible thriller The Temp. At least Dunaway managed to avoid being named Worst Actress of the Decade — that unfortunate title ended up going to Bo Derek.

http://thefilmexperience.net/blog/2015/4/1/best-shot-visual-index-mommie-dearest-1981.html Source: thefilmexperience.net

5. Prince

With no less than 33 Grammy nominations and over 100 million records sold worldwide, Prince is one of the greatest musical geniuses of all-time. What many people may not realize is that his efforts have also earned him an Academy Award. In 1985, he won the Oscar for Best Original Song Score for the American rock music drama, Purple Rain.

Purple Rain also happened to be Prince’s acting debut, but apparently his acting chops didn’t come anywhere close to his skills with a guitar because after directing and starring in just two other movies, he racked up a total of 10 Razzie nominations. He ended up winning three of them, including Worst Actor, Worst Director, and Worst Original Song. All three of those Razzies were for his 1986 film, Under the Cherry Moon, which was about a gigolo who likes to swindle French women. The 80s were weird.

https://derricklferguson.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/under-the-cherry-moon/ Source: derrickferguson.com

4. Halle Berry

Only a few years after making history by becoming the first woman of color to win the Oscar for Best Actress (for her performance in Monster’s Ball), Halle Berry claimed the title of Worst Actress for starring in Catwoman — arguably the worst superhero movie of all time. However, unlike most Razzie winners, Berry actually showed up to accept the award in person, which was another historical moment because as she was the first actress to ever do so.

In a surprising display of humility, Berry actually delivered a great acceptance speech with her Oscar in one hand and her Razzie in the other, stating, “When I was a kid, my mother told me that if you can’t be a good loser, you can’t be a good winner,” adding “If you can’t take the criticism, then you don’t deserve the praise.” Of course, she also made sure to thank Warner Bros. for putting her in what she referred to as “a piece-of-s–t, god-awful movie.”

https://ianfarrington.wordpress.com/2015/03/16/catwoman-2004-pitof/ Source: Ianfarrington.wordpress.com

3. Sandra Bullock

Although Sandra Bullock is currently one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, she’s still grounded enough to have a good laugh at herself. She’s also the only person to ever to win both a Best Actress Oscar and Worst Actress Razzie in the same year (although Eddie Redmayne has a chance of matching her this year thanks to his performances in The Danish Girl and Jupiter Ascending receiving Oscar and Razzie nominations, respectively.

Bullock actually won two Razzies for her role alongside Bradley Cooper in All About Steve — one for Worst Actress and one for Worst Screen Couple — and like Halle Berry before her, she showed up to the ceremony in good spirits to claim the award in person. She even brought a truckload of DVD copies of All About Steve to give to attendees so they could rewatch the movie and rethink their voting decisions. But it was Sandy B who would have the last laugh as, the very next day, she nabbed the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in The Blind Side.

http://people.theiapolis.com/actress-09WE/sandra-bullock/gallery/sandra-bullock-as-mary-horowitz-in-all-about-1001608.html Source: theiapolis.com

2. Kevin Costner

When Kevin Costner won the Best Director and Best Picture Oscars for his movie Dances with Wolves, it was the height of his career and afforded him the opportunity to pick and choose pretty much any Hollywood project he wanted. Unfortunately, many of his subsequent movies turned out to be Razzie favorites. In 1992, despite it being a huge commercial success, he won Worst Actor for Robin Hood: Prince of Theives; then in 1995, Wyatt Earp took home the prize for Worst Remake or Sequel; and finally, the very next year, he scored a Razzie hat trick by winning Worst Actor, Worst Director, and Worst Picture for The Postman. Costner was even nominated for the Worst Actor of the Century award, but lost out to Sylvester Stallone who’s been a Razzie favorite for pretty much his entire career. Perhaps Stallone’s Oscar nomination (and expected win) for Creed this year will help turn that perception around.

https://iworldview.wordpress.com/2010/05/24/robin-hood-2010/ Source: iworldview.com

1. Laurence Olivier

You’re probably wondering just how on Earth one of the most acclaimed actors in history could end up with a Razzie award. Well, as it would happen, Laurence Olivier actually won both of the Razzie awards he was ever nominated for. The first was for Worst Supporting Actor and it was awarded to him for his part in the 1981 film The Jazz Singer — a universally disliked remake of the influential Al Jolson movie that was hailed as the first motion picture to feature synchronized dialogue. His second Razzie was for Worst Actor and it came just one year later for his role in the critically-maligned Inchon.

At the time, Inchon was regarded as one of the worst commercial disasters in Hollywood history, costing $46 million to produce and earning back just $5 million at the box office. When asked why he had agreed to star in a movie with such a poorly written script in the first place, Olivier gave this now-famous response: “Money, dear boy. I’m like a vintage wine. You have to drink me quickly before I turn sour.”

Nonetheless, a couple Razzies didn’t do much to tarnish the actor’s legendary career, which brought with it five Emmys, three Golden Globes, three BAFTAs, two honorary Academy Awards, and one Best Actor Oscar for portraying Hamlet in 1949.

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