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10 Ways ‘Jason Bourne’ Will Revive The Franchise

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We have missed the Bourne franchise. Whatever The Bourne Legacy was supposed to be, it failed on too many levels. The film was slick, and quite well made, but the “original character” invented outside of a fairly iconic book series just didn’t click with audience members. It left fans missing their first love, Jason Bourne. What better way to revive the franchise than to put Jason back on screen, in a self-titled adventure? Here are 10 reasons why Jason Bourne will revive the entire Bourne franchise.

10. Paul Greengrass Is In The Saddle

There are many who are still partial to the first Bourne film, The Bourne Identity, starring Matt Damon, and directed by…? Remember? Doug Liman. The film nearly killed Doug, and it definitely strained his relationship with cinematographer Oliver Wood. Even if Doug wanted to come back for the sequels, it likely would have been a no-go from the studio. So, Paul Greengrass settled into the director’s chair, and not surprisingly, picked up where Liman left off without all the drama on set. In fairness to everyone, the first two films were pretty dang awesome, and that’s what we’re expecting for Jason Bourne. Well, stylistically speaking. Tonally speaking. Paul was responsible for both The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum, so he and Matt Damon enjoyed a working shorthand, enabling them to quickly get back in the saddle. Paul is a huge audience draw to the sequel.

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9. The Bourne Legacy Is Easily Forgotten

Remember The Bourne Legacy way back in 2012? Starring Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross? Most casual movie goers are having that, “Oh, right, I forgot about that!” moment right now. It’s okay. The film was relatively forgettable. After enjoying three impressive Bourne flicks, to be offered The Bourne Legacy with nobody named Bourne was annoying. Sure, the action was passable, and it wasn’t one of those films that make you demand your money back. Maybe bad enough to ask for a free soda the next time you’re at the theater, though. The best thing about The Bourne Legacy? It’s not a tough act to follow. Yes, the film is going to get a sequel with Jeremy Renner, because that’s how studios milk a cash cow, but for the time being, we’re able to get back in the seat with Jason Bourne (aka David Webb, from Nixa, Missouri).

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8. Tommy Lee Jones

Is Tommy Lee Jones ever a disappointment on screen? Tommy has been doing it well for decades, and he doesn’t seem to slow down. Oh, the weathering is obvious. He looks like a piece of well-seasoned beef jerky at this point, but how refreshing is that, considering the trends of Hollyweird (or any public figure) these days? In Jason Bourne, Tommy will be doing one of the things he’s best at: playing a cop. Well, the director of the CIA. A really high ranking member of the executive branch of American government. Tommy is great at hunting the hero, or antihero. From The Fugitive to No Country For Old Men, Tommy Lee Jones slides right into the appropriate tonality, offers more character nuance than he’s often given credit for, and delivers a memorable performance. The thought of his hunt for Matt Damon is an immediate lure to the Baby Boomer crowd.

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7. Alicia Vikander Is Perfect

Is there anything Alicia Vikander can’t do? If you’re thinking this film will display a weakness, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. The gal who won the Oscar this year for her work in The Danish Girl, and should have won an Oscar for her sublime work in Ex Machina, stars alongside Matt Damon. And she’s worth the price of admission alone. The most wonderful thing about Alicia is her embrace of what Hollywood would often call “imperfections.” In short, she is so real. Everything she does plays as authentic and wholly sincere, and that is refreshing in the Age of Kardashians. Here’s the bonus when considering Alicia: she’s an incredibly physical actress, because she began her performance career on stage as a dancer. People look at ballerinas as dainty pixies, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Pound for pound, she is raw power cloaked in grace.

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6. Close Quarters Battle Action In Full Effect

After watching the rise of MMA, it’s obvious everyone loves quality hand-to-hand combat. The Bourne franchise has been an asset to the martial art of laying the smack down. Audiences can be sure that they’ll see some of those great Close Quarters Battles between Jason Bourne and whoever the next poor sap he has to dispatch to the sweet hereafter. The Bourne movies upped the ante when it came to mano a mano fist fights, and we’re so thankful. That said, it has been awhile since we’ve enjoyed a fantastic, physical throttling in a really small space. Plenty of superhero throttling (Daredevil comes to mind), but no regular human being/government science experiment type throttles in a few minutes. Who knew Matt Damon would be so proficient in the art of kicking the crap out of people? You almost forget that he’s the same guy who bought a zoo and got stuck on Mars.

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5. Back to Basics: Who Is Jason Bourne

Who was Aaron Cross? And why was The Bourne Legacy featuring a dude who wasn’t actually part of the Bourne legacy? As in, Aaron Cross isn’t even in the Bourne book series by Robert Ludlum. When it comes to the title Bourne in anything, the film should feature Jason Bourne. That’s exactly what Jason Bourne is set to do. It’s a continuation from The Bourne Ultimatum, and it’ll feature an even edgier Jason Bourne offering his metaphorical and violent middle finger to the governmental institution that duped him into mercenary service. Older and wiser, but still possessing amnesia, Jason will get back to the story basics: who am I? This should serve as a perfect way to reengage audiences with the Bourne franchise, and get some butts in theater seats.

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4. Fans Demanded It

How did Jason Bourne come about? Officially, it was never off the table, but it didn’t hurt that fans demanded it. An open letter to Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass served as a catalyst of sorts, and the fan support behind the letter proved that everyone wanted a little more Jason Bourne in their lives. Matt and Paul agreed to hitch their wagons to at least one more project, so they got a lot of the old band together. The catch: no Tony Gilroy. Tony had been involved in every Bourne film in some capacity, but he’s not in the mix withthis one. Will it have any kind of a negative impact on the film? Perhaps. Still, we’re guessing the fan love for Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon will be satisfied with this foray. Maybe next time they’ll be sure to include Tony Gilroy in the open letter.

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3. The Las Vegas Car Chase

Okay, we could have put this at #1, because this will be the thing everyone is talking about after this weekend. This car chase, that was actually filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada, took a whopping five weeks to film, and it cost the production over 170 cars in crashes. How did the production manage this in a city that literally never sleeps? Producers sweet talked the city into permitting night shoots, so they worked from midnight to dawn, pretty much daily, week after week. What does all of this mean to the anxious audience member? This will be a car chase unlike any car chase every seen before on the big screen. When it comes to the price of admission, this is worth the ticket. That is on good authority. A scene like this buys a lot of grace from an audience.

Filming Jason Bourne Car Chase Scene

2. It’s The Backside of The Series

Jason Bourne should really reignite and revive the Bourne film franchise, because audiences are well aware that this flick is potentially the final go ’round for Matt Damon, and maybe even Paul Greengrass. Regardless of what has been said, people get hungry to return to something they enjoyed immensely. Even if it’s years down the line, four films later, there’s almost no way another two are coming. One, possibly…? But not yet in the realm of probability. Lovers of the Bourne franchise, and especially Matt Damon’s portrayal of Jason Bourne, know that this romp is in its twilight. Looking at the future with a logical mind: Matt Damon is 45-years old. Yes, he’s a physical actor, and a master at putting on, and taking off weight for characters, but Jason Bourne really challenged him.

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1. Matt Damon Is The Heartbeat of Bourne

Speaking of the aging Matt Damon, he really is aging like a quality wine. He isn’t one of those actors who kills himself annually, pumping out film after film. He’s gotten to the point where he can be picky about scripts, choose the ones that keep him in the awards conversation, and others that allow him to have fun and please his fans. There’s no denying his importance to the adventures of Jason Bourne– both the character and the film. He was a perfect screen fit for the amnesiac assassin, and he is the ultimate reason why people will head back to the box office to see what old Jason/David is up to, and how he’s gonna get the answers he desires from the CIA. The studio learned the hard way that a Bourne film without Matt Damon doesn’t really sell all that well. Matt is the man.

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