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It’s rarely an issue of talent when a well-known actor ceases to appear in films on a regular basis. There are a host of variables that lead directors, producers and casting directors in other directions, and it often has to do with monetizing an actor’s presence. The people on this list were once exceptionally marketable. That’s how rough this business can be. If you’re not laying golden eggs, you’re likely selling yourself as quality meat. However, there are those who we want to see back in leading roles—those who deserve a comeback.

10. Breckin Meyer

Breckin is working. There is no need to lose sleep with concern—he’s eating well—but we miss him. The guy who has played ages ranging from 18-27 years old for nearly 20 years does a lot of voice work these days—Robot Chicken—and consistently stars in short-lived sitcoms, but it’s high time we see this guy get a role he can really sink his teeth into. He is a versatile canvas. We would love to see him play a villain in something. He could certainly pull off dark, moody and obsessive: all those things necessary for a good stalker. It might need to take place in the independent realm, because a studio flick would be too glossy, but Breckin is 41—he has earned the opportunity to flex a skill set. Let’s see those acting chops on full display. Source:

9. Peter Scolari

Peter recently carried a pretty big role in the made for TV miniseries Madoff, starring Richard Dreyfuss, and it was nice to see him in something that was longer than 43 minutes. Fans of Girls will know him for appearing in 16 episodes as Tad, and fans of Gotham will know him as Commissioner Loeb. Peter’s biggest fans will most remember him from Bosom Buddies, opposite Tom Hanks, as well as the show Newhart. Peter is in that age range where he is perfectly ripe for a career renaissance, and he could easily lead an edgy drama or a fresh comedy. Much like Breckin Meyer, Peter could venture into darker territory with his expertise. He’s another guy with impressive acting chops. Maybe he’ll score some love from “the next J.J. Abrams,” and land a series like LOST, or find himself in the mix of an alien invasion film. Source:

8. Carl Weathers

A film has been made about the legacy of a character he portrayed. What else needs to be said? Everything he has done, he has done with supreme conviction. Who would have expected his turn in Happy Gilmore? This is a classic example of someone whose physical and athletic prowess may have hurt his scoring character acting roles. He was so iconic as Apollo Creed, he didn’t get much of an opportunity to flex all his acting muscles after playing that role. We love Carl in the Rocky movies, and other action flicks such as Predator and Action Jackson, but where he was missing was in films like Glory. Where he wasn’t missing: Arrested Development. It was a stroke of genius to have Carl satirize himself as Tobias’ acting coach. Now, let’s see Carl in something big again. Source:

7. David Faustino

Every one of the Bundy family members from Married…with Children, aside from David Faustino, has enjoyed continued success. That’s not a knock on David, who played Bud Bundy for the entirety of the series, rather a knock on the industry pros who haven’t gotten this guy into the current mix of television and film. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he played himself in the terrible feature adaptation of Entourage, and he made an appearance on Modern Family, but David is a guy who could lead a show, just as Ed O’Neill, Katey Sagal and Christina Applegate have. We’re hoping David hangs around long enough, and he’ll finally get another shot to strut his stuff. Considering his status quo, David is working a lot in the voice acting realm. He is presently one of the stars of Dragons: Race to the Edge. Source:

6. Mel Gibson

Mel doesn’t care if people forgive him or not. It just sucks that he has that one glaring weakness: either being exceptionally racist, or knowing that it’s a low blow when he’s in a verbal altercation with someone, and pressing that button. If you believe Mel’s closest friends—who include black people, and a lesbian (Jodie Foster)—then it’s the latter. And clearly, he has a problem with the bottle. The biggest suck of Mel’s downfall? Some people taking joy and satisfaction in it. Truly disturbing. People have done much worse and been forgiven. In fact, it was Mel who was instrumental in bringing Robert Downey Jr. back to the good graces of Hollywood producers. Maybe Mel playing John Newton in one final Hollywood tour de force? It would be fitting. Source:

5. Arsenio Hall

Arsenio Hall gave the talk show game another go, and it proved that captured lightning in a bottle during his first run in the early 1990s. Arsenio seems to be finished with the talk show game, but we’re not done with Arsenio. We want to see him playing make believe. Preferably, we want to see these things with Eddie Murphy, and in a script that does the two fellas justice. Stripping the Arsenio scenario down to its studs, sliding him into a stellar indie would probably be a better way to go. Having turned 60, he owns enough years to play the mentor who appears in nearly every independent film. As it stands, Arsenio is stuck in the mix of Real Husbands of Hollywood, knowing that it keeps him in the mix, but we want to see him busy doing other things. Source:

4. Mike Myers

This is in reference to the Canadian actor, not the legendary, fictional slasher. And this is our mentioning that Mike has been on every “Actor Who Needs a Comeback” list since he released Austin Powers in Goldmember. All of Mike’s films, with the exception of the Shrek series, have been downhill since then. He enjoyed a stellar cameo in Inglourious Basterds (2009), but he wasn’t leading that story. Mike is rumored to be working on a fourth Austin Powers installment, and if it happens, there is certainly a lot riding on it. If he can execute a quality offering like the first, it would land him back in the good graces of fans, but more so, studio producers who are hesitant to take a chance on anything else he might be pitching. We’d take a solid Austin Powers outing, but what about Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar? Source:

3. John Leguizamo

John Leguizamo is a wild man. For those who have never seen the filmed version of John’s one-man, Broadway show, Freak, it is worth checking out to see his tremendous range, and gain some insight into his upbringing. John is a true character actor. He is best known as a comedian, and he’s also known to have a “tough to work with” reputation. If this is true, it explains a lot, but it has never kept John from working. Still, he’s not working like he was once working. He has enjoyed great roles in some great projects, including Jon Favreau’s indie darling Chef, but we’re ready to see John with some edge. 2016 is promising, as John will play a role in the second season of Bloodline, but we’re hopeful the Colombian-born Leguizamo will be announced as a key player when the Sicario pre/sequel is announced. Source:

2. Val Kilmer

It was soul crushing to hear of Val Kilmer’s health scare in 2015. There were more rumors than you could shake a stick at, and some of them seemed believable based on the actor’s odd behavior. There was no hiding the fact he needed a tracheotomy after he was admitted to the UCLA Medical Center. He continued to cover the effective tracheostomy with high collar shirts, and a variety of scarves. Whether Val was dealing with a malignant or benign tumor, we’ll likely never know. He’s playing it close to the chest. What we do know: he is currently shooting a project, and he has also been announced as a cast member of the Top Gun sequel. If all goes as planned, we’ll see Val Kilmer reprise the role that solidified his presence in Hollywood. Here’s to hoping his health is working toward optimal. Source:

1. Michael Biehn

Michael is a guy who has continuously worked in film and TV for nearly 40 years. His first professional acting credit came in 1977, and in 1984 he scored the role of Kyle Reese in The Terminator, ensuring he would be making his living as an actor. And he has. Michael has been fortunate enough to be part of some huge films, and he continued his working relationship with James Cameron all the way through The Abyss, and that’s saying something. Michael deserves to be at the top of this list because he’s also about to reprise a role. He’ll dust off the old character of Cpl. Hicks in the new Alien project, which is set to be directed by Neil Blomkamp. After that, we may see Michael in a heavy drama, scoring a few award nominations. It’s the nature of the beast. Source:

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