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When you become famous, you not only have to prepare for never-ending paparazzi photographers and mobs of fans, but you must also brace yourself as you potentially enter the world of crazy celebrity stalkers. With all the glitz and glam of the spotlight, can also come a whole lot of insanity.

Some of these stalkers can be fairly harmless creeps, but some can really cross the line and show you just how crazy and obsessed the human race can get. Check out 10 of the craziest celebrity stalkers below and try not to get too freaked out…

10. Johnathan Whooper and Rihanna

In 2013, singing superstar Rihanna had a large scare and the reason was Johnathan Whooper. In early October of 2013, Whooper was arrested by authorities at Rihanna’s mansion and she was granted a temporary restraining order. It was said that Whooper told security guards at her home that he was her future husband and was scheduled to marry her. The restraining order was eventually changed to permanent. Also, it was revealed that Whooper had broken into her home a number of other times and was also responsible for a September incident where he threw a chair through a glass door to break into her house. Source:

9. Nicholas Fiore and Ashley Tisdale

This has to be one of the most exhausting and terrifying ordeals on this list. Tisdale’s stalker, Nicholas Fiore, hasn’t only stalked her in person, but also online. Fiore has reportedly sent Tisdale over 18,000 tweets, which is a bit overkill if you ask us. In addition to this, Fiore has also tried to gain access to Tisdale’s house on numerous occasions, even pretending to be a delivery man. He also threatened to shoot the actress, which prompted her to file a restraining order on Fiore. It was granted, and Fiore must stay at least 100 yards away from Tisdale for the next five years at least. Source:

8. Richard Franco and Halle Berry

Halle Berry is one of the most famous actresses of our time and has fans all across the world, but perhaps none are crazier than Richard Franco. In July of 2011, Franco was caught inside of Halle Berry’s property not once, not twice, but three times in that single month. It is alleged that he jumped over the fence into her yard and was face-to-face with the actress multiple times, scaring her terribly. He was eventually charged with felony burglary and thus Berry did not need to fear for her life any longer, as a restraining order was secured to keep him away from her and her family. Source:

7. Juan Garcia and Selena Gomez

Juan Garcia is not the first stalker to be infatuated with Selena Gomez, as 48-year-old Thomas Brodnicki claimed the two were soul mates and stalked her, but Garcia got a lot more creepy and personal. Garcia was seen by members of Selena’s family lurking and creeping outside of her home. When questioned, he claimed that he just wanted to see the singer in public, which we find hard to believe. As a result of his trespassing on her property, Garcia served four months in prison and, upon release, will have to stay at least 150 yards away from Gomez and her family as a result of a restraining order. Source:

6. Masahiko Shizawa and Britney Spears

This one is over a decade old, but is still extremely troubling and odd. This all began when Spears was a 20-year-old megastar, which led the then 42-year-old Shizawa to begin stalking her. Not only did he track her down and try to contact her at her L.A. home, he was also able to track down a second home she had out of state and even her parents’ house. In addition to that, Shizawa also sent Spears notes and pictures of himself, including a note that said “I’m chasing you.” As a result, Shizawa could not come within 300 yards of Spears due to a restraining order. Even more weird, Shizawa tried to sue the city of Los Angeles for emotional distress that arose because of his stalking of Spears. Source:

5. Karen McNeil and Justin Timberlake

It is rare that a celebrity will speak publically about their stalkers, but that is exactly what happened with Justin Timberlake and Karen McNeil. McNeil stalked the superstar in public and even trespassed on his property claiming she was a personal friend, and that the two were destined to marry and rule the world. This aggressive and crazy behavior by McNeil caused Timberlake to speak out publicly, saying “McNeil’s ever—increasing, aggressive and harassing conduct are extremely distressing. I fear for my personal safety and that of my family and friends.” He has since been granted a restraining order against McNeil. Also, this isn’t the first time McNeil has become infatuated and stalked someone, as she used to stalk Guns N’ Roses star Axl Rose. Source:

4. Mark David Chapman and John Lennon

This is without a doubt one of the most famous cases of stalking on this list, and ultimately led to the sad death of superstar John Lennon. This is also the opposite of most stalking, as Chapman didn’t stalk Lennon because he loved him, but because he hated him. This hate stemmed from the fact that Lennon stated the Beatles were more popular than Jesus, which angered the religious Chapman, who then planned to kill Lennon for a while, and eventually succeeded. This story also has an eerie twist as the last known picture of Lennon alive is one of him signing a book for Chapman, only a few hours before Chapman would shoot and kill the rock legend. Source:

3. Robert Dewey Hoskins and Madonna

This originally took place almost 20 years ago, but also has a more recent twist. In 1996, Hoskins was sentenced to 10 years in prison for stalking and assault that stemmed from his obsession with Madonna. Hoskins not only broke into her property numerous times, but also threatened to slit her throat if she refused to marry him. Hoskins was also shot by Madonna’s security force once after jumping over her gate to gain entry onto her property. In 2012, Hoskins escaped from the mental facility he was receiving treatment in, which immediately alarmed Madonna and her family. But, after being captured again, it seemed as if Hoskins had his sights set on Halle Berry after his escape. But now both Madonna and Berry can breathe easy as he is back in custody. Source:

2. Yolanda Saldivar and Selena Quintanilla-Pérez

This is one of the saddest and most troubling cases on this entire list. Selena was a major star in the Tejano music genre, and Yolanda Saldivar was a huge Tejano fan, so it seemed likely that their paths would cross. After constantly begging Selena’s family to start a fan club, they eventually gave in and made Yolanda president and promoted her to manager of many of Selena’s clothing boutiques. The relationship soon went sour after the family realized that Saldivar was embezzling money from the boutiques and fan club, so she was fired. Soon after, a face-to-face meeting between Saldivar and Selena proved to be fatal, as Saldivar murdered Selena and is now serving life imprisonment for the crime.! Source:

1. John Hinckley and Jodie Foster

Coming in as the craziest celebrity stalker of all time is none other than Jodie Foster’s famous stalker, John Hinckley. He became infatuated with Foster in 1976 and even moved states and enrolled in a class at her university to be closer. After sending her notes and poems, but not having any real contact with her, he began to fantasize about conducting a huge scheme to get her attention. He eventually settled on assassinating the president. After following around Jimmy Carter from state to state, he was arrested and unable to follow through with his plan. After that, he then began to target the newly elected president Ronald Reagan. He followed through with his plan on March 30th, 1981, but failed and was captured and is being held in a mental facility. It is crazy to think that a celebrity stalker almost led to a president being assassinated. Source:


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