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Xbox Exec Defends Console’s Line-Up Of Exclusive Games

Microsoft has received heavy criticism for its lack of exclusive software in recent years, but Microsoft Studios Publishing’s general manager, Shannon Loftis, has come out in defense of the platform’s line-up.

Speaking to GameSpot, Loftis said,”I think our offering is good and it is solid. I definitely hear that gamers want more […] We do have more coming; more that are in the works that we’re not talking about now. But I feel good about what we have to offer for the launch [of Xbox One X].”

Loftis also addressed the criticism of Xbox exclusives like Forza 7 and Cuphead also being made available on PC through the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative, arguing that it’s all about giving consumer’s choice.

“I may be out in left field but I do not see how offering games on more platforms to more gamers is a bad thing necessarily, particularly in a multiplayer scenario.”

Loftis did admit that the studio would like to have more exclusives in the pipeline, but didn’t specifically highlight the reasons why there has been such a shortfall in recent years: “Would we love to have two-dozen more super-strong, absolutely exclusives? You bet.”

The past could years especially have been turbulent for Xbox exclusives, with both Fable Legends and Scalebound being canceled, and Crackdown 3 being delayed until 2018.

The Xbox One X, Microsoft’s powerful new console, is out in stores now.

Source: GameSpot

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)