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WWE HQ Is Apparently A Pokemon Gym Now

If you’re one of the millions (and millions) of people currently playing the new mobile game Pokemon GO (i.e. you lucky jerks in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States), this news might interest you a bit. Part of the game involves having Pokemon battles in real-world landmarks, which are designated as Pokemon Gyms. These gyms can be held by any of the three factions available in the game, creating something of a turf war, as control of the locations pass back and forth.

It should probably come as no surprise, then, that some wrestling/Pokemon fans have discovered that WWE’s headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut have been designated in-game as a Pokemon Gym. And since several WWE Superstars (notably Xavier Woods, Sasha Banks, and Tyler Breeze) have spent the last week filling social media with tales of their obsession with Pokemon GO, we can only imagine who you might find defending that location if you happened to be in the area, and what kind of tense Pokemon battles are going down behind the scenes in WWE!

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle is an avid wrestling and film fan. He's been writing about WWE, movies, and video games for Goliath since 2015.