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Winter is Coming… to ‘Conan Exiles’

According to IGN, Conan Exiles will be seeing its first expansion “The Frozen North” on August 16th. PS4 users will need to wait until later in the year, but if you’ve already nabbed your copy for PC or Xbox One, expect the free update then!

That’s right… it’s free! And developer Funcom tells us the wintry new area expands the world by a whopping 70%. That’s a lot of ice.

The expansion provides the new northern biome, a new religion, additional crafting and brewing systems, and other new mechanics that will have you cooking and beekeeping. Yes. Beekeeping. A recent update on steam explains that “Snowy mountains and misty valleys beckon”, but you can check out all the details on the developer’s blog.

Creative director, Joel Bylos, said that other enhancements will improve the core aspects of the game as well, touching on combat, artificial intelligence, and much more.

Conan Exiles is currently in Early Access on Steam, and you can pick it up for $39.99 (CND).


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