WATCH: What If ‘Call of Duty’ Could Use Weapons From Other Games?

Video game weapons are awesome, because they don’t necessarily have to conform with reality. Even the most popular first person shooter of our time, Call Of Duty, has ventured into the near-future in recent games and included some guns that are more imagination than realistic adaptations of current weapons.

Gamers love to debate about video game weapons, and we’re no different. We have previously ranked our favourite ridiculous weapons, our favourite firearms, and even our favourite guns from just Call Of Duty. But which weapon would actually prevail in complete video game mash-up free-for-all?

Corridor Digital has created an amazing short film that shows us what it might be like. Using the “Gun Game” concept from Call Of Duty (where you switch weapons after every successful kill), and some awesome visual effects, they have created a real-life round of Deathmatch where you get to see the Lancer from Gears Of War go up against Halo‘s Energy Sword.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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