WATCH: ‘Pokemon Go’ Player Mugged During Livestream in Central Park

Pokemon Go has been a smash hit for Nintendo and developer Niantic. Unfortunately, it has also led to a number of not-so-savory incidents as players wander around outside searching for those ultra rare Pokemon, including fights, robberies, and car accidents.

Twitch streamer Rickey “Rickeybot” Yaneza was streaming a Pokemon Go session on Sunday night, where he walked around Central Park in New York City trying to catch a Seaking (among other things). Then, in what was surly a shocking moment to his viewers, Yaneza was punched and robbed by an unknown assailant. The thief took his phone and camera, and then ran from the scene. A short while later, the stream records the thief resetting Yaneza’s phone and turning it off. The whole thing was captured live on the stream.


Yaneza says he is doing alright after the attack, although he has a few bumps and bruises. He has also forwarded a high quality version of the video to police, so maybe they will actually catch this jerk.

If you’re out there playing Pokemon Go late at night, please be careful!

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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