‘Warframe’ Gets an Open-World Expansion

IGN discovered an announcement from Playstation Blog teasing an open-world expansion called ‘Plains of Eidolon’ for the hugely popular, third-person, online co-op game, Warframe. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, check out the website – it’s completely free-to-play, with an in-game shop that allows players to purchase different characters and gear. It’s been available on PS4, Xbox One and PC since March 25th, 2013.

The new world, called ‘Landscapes’, changes gameplay to allows for free-form exploration at the player’s discretion. Below is the teaser:

Instanced missions are still available, of course, whereby much of the content is procedurally-generated. However, with new environments to explore with day and night cycles, wide-open spaces and towns, the game has evolved into something more akin to Grand Theft Auto V. Quests can be obtained in the central hub-town called ‘Cetus’, and from there, up to 50 players can venture out into the world. Party up with friends to take on challenges with four-player squads – and you’ll need the help. Enemies will be waiting to foil your ninja-robot plans!


A. J. Acey (@AJ_Acey)

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