Want to Play the New (Old) Rayman?

Omar Cornet, a developer for (and founder of) Lizardcube, recently uploaded an old Rayman SNES prototype to Dropbox, according to Kotaku. All you’ll need is a Super Nintendo emulator, and you’ll be experiencing an early build of the never-before-released Rayman in no time.

Keep in mind this is merely a prototype – no full game is available – however, Rayman can jump, explore what looks to be a factory environment, and dance to killer tunes on his personal boombox, which he stores conveniently behind his back (in what appears to be a pocket of broken space-time [obviously]).

Check it out on YouTube:

The great news: Cornut was given permission from series creator Michel Ancel to post the young game, so you can rest assured that no illegal action is taking place when you decide to give it a go. No jail time, and SNES Rayman? It’s a win-win!

He then goes on to explain that it’s a very early developer build, and not a full game. Ancel apparently discovered the game last year, but it was buried for 24-years before that. He joked about creating a Nintendo Switch version of the full game someday… but it seems unlikely that would ever happen.



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