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Call of Duty (COD), throughout its history, has been one of the most played games in the world. Its online multiplayer is its most famous and most played game type, as it pits players from around the world against each other.

To be successful in the game, you need gun skills, quick reaction time, map knowledge and perhaps most of all, a good gun. There are a variety of different guns to choose from and some are without a doubt better than others. This article will look at 10 of the best in COD history.

10. Spas-12

The first gun on this list was one of the most dominant short range weapons in Modern Warfare 2 (MW2), which is famous for its powerful and somewhat overpowered guns. The Spas-12 is a pump action shot gun that had extremely high damage, with an amazing range that was capable of killing from a long distance with a single shot. What’s even more crazy is that shotguns are secondary weapons in MW2, which means players could utilize this gun PLUS another good one. This gun appeared in other COD games in addition to MW2, but could never regain the glory it had in that game. Source:

9. UMP45

Next up is a sub machine gun that was also a fan favorite in MW2, the UMP45. This gun paired high damage, high range and low recoil all together, which made it the easy choice for players in the sub machine gun category. It was a three hit kill from almost anywhere on the map, which is absolutely unheard of for an sub machine gun, as those are mostly used in short or close range situations. Another perk to using this gun in MW2 was that it had one of the best and clearest iron sights in the game, which meant that players didn’t need to bother with putting an added scope or sight on this gun. Source:

8. AK-47

This is one of the most well-known and popular guns in the history of COD, and it without a doubt deserves a spot on this list. The AK-47 is one of the most powerful assault rifles in COD and has unmatched damage for its class. It is deadly at both long and short distances, though it does have noticeable recoil. If you want a weapon that is tried and true throughout all of the COD games, look no further than this. Also, this gun is the last gun unlocked in MW2 as it is unlocked at level 70 and lost when you prestige, which makes it fairly rare to see in that game. Source:

7. AK74U

It’s fitting that the next gun on the list is the sub machine gun class version of the AK-47, the AK74U. This has been a good gun in multiple games, but the AK74U in Black Ops is among the best guns in any game ever. It not only possessed great power and range, it also had an extremely predictable recoil pattern, which meant that in the hands of an experienced player, they could shoot with essentially no recoil. AK74U also had the widest range of attachments of any sub machine gun, which made it a customized gun lover’s dream. It is essentially an assault rifle in the sub machine gun class. Source:

6. G11

The G11 is an assault rifle that only appears in Black Ops. It has a large 48-round magazine (which is the largest of any assault rifle) and fires an extremely fast three round burst. It is very accurate both down sights and while firing from the hip, making it optimal for both short and long range firefights. An interesting fact about this weapon is that is a “classified weapon,” which means it is only available once all other assault rifles have been bought. The reload animation in this gun is also quite different and the iron sights are among the best in COD history. Source:

5. M16

Like the AK47, the M16 is one of the most well-known and popular guns in the COD franchise. In COD 4, this was without a doubt the go-to gun for most people as it was unlocked at level one, which meant almost everybody was very comfortable and experienced with it. It was a three burst weapon with good range and low recoil, making it extremely effective from anywhere. Despite it being the first gun you can use, many people continued with it going forward because of how good it was. The gun also appeared in the MW2, and was just as effective as it was in the previous Modern Warfare installment.×1440/ Source:

4. MP40

This gun has made appearances in numerous different COD titles but the MP40 we are going to focus on this article is the one featured in Call of Duty: World at War. This gun was not only far and away the most powerful and overpowered gun in the game, it will forever go down as one of the best in COD history. The gun was already the best sub machine gun, but by combining it with a couple perks and attachments, it became amazing. With Stopping Power and Steady Aim as perks, the gun was basically unstoppable in close range. Also, with the Extended Magazine attachment, you get a massive 64 bullets per magazine. Source:

3. Model 1887 Akimbo

Everyone and their mothers remember how absolutely devastating these guns were in MW2. This was without a doubt the most powerful shot gun in the game due to its incredible range, but once you added the akimbo attachment, they really became unstoppable. You could fire an almost endless barrage of bullets that could reach across the map. This is because there was a slight glitch that gave these guns a huge bump in range once the akimbo option was turned on, making them not only the most powerful secondary in the game, but perhaps the most powerful gun overall. Patches eventually nerfed the gun down to where it wasn’t as powerful, but for that brief while, this was one of the best guns in COD history. Source:

2. Famas

The Famas was not only one of the best assault rifles in one game, it was near the top of the heap in two. In its debut in MW2, the Famas was a three burst fire weapon with great accuracy, high damage and rapid fire if you could hit the trigger the right speed. Then, in Black Ops, the gun really stood out in the spotlight. In Black Ops, the Famas was a full auto weapon with extremely low recoil and shockingly high damage, killing most opponents in two bullets. Eventually the gun was nerfed, but it will go down as one of the best of all time. Source:

1. ACR

Coming in as the best gun in COD history is, in a choice that may shock people, the ACR. The ACR is an assault rifle that was an absolute staple in the repertoire of anyone who played MW2 or MW3. It seemed to be everyone’s go-to gun when they were in a pickle. The gun had virtually no recoil and solid damage, which made it a dream for everyone from first-time players to seasoned COD veterans. Even professional gamers loved this gun for its pin point accuracy and easy handling. The ACR is as close to a perfect gun as you are ever going to see in a COD game. Source:


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