The SNES Classic Will Fix One Of The NES Classic’s Biggest Design Flaws

Nintendo started the week off with a bang yesterday with the announcement of the SNES Classic Edition, which will include 21 of the best Super Nintendo games ever made. One of the biggest differences between the SNES Classic and last year’s NES Classic is that the former system will ship with two controllers as opposed to one. Of course, anyone who got their hands on the NES Classic knows that one of the system’s biggest design flaws was its ridiculously short controller cords, which were only an absurd three feet in length. Fortunately, it appears that Nintendo is well aware of this problem and the SNES Classic will not have the same issue.

A Nintendo representative confirmed to IGN in a statement that the Super NES Classic’s controller cord is approximately five feet long, “which is about 2 ft. longer than the cord on the NES Classic Controller.”

While that’s still a little too short — controller cords should be at least six feet long, in my opinion — it’s a positive step in the right direction and should make it so that you can actually sit on a couch and play rather than sit directly in front of the TV like with the NES Classic.

Now, if Nintendo can just figure out how to actually make enough of these things to fulfill demand, we’ll be all set.

Source: IGN

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)