The 10 Best ‘Overwatch’ Plays of the Week

Overwatch has been out for exactly a week today and it’s taken the gaming world by storm. It’s already the fastest-selling Blizzard game in the UK and has received near-unanimous praise from critics and players alike. Whether you’re currently experiencing an unhealthy love affair with this colorful shooter or are just curious to see what the big deal is, you’ll love this collection of the best Overwatch plays of the week!

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10. A Perfectly Timed Reinhardt Charge (Or Just An Extremely Lucky One)


9. Always Remember To Look Up, Apparently


8. Well Played, Sir. Well Played


7. That’s What I Like To Call A Mercy Kill (Literally)


6. Mei’s Ice Wall Eats Special Attacks For Breakfast


5. When A Whole Team Huddles Together In A Small Room, They’re Just Asking For It


4. Karma Is Alive And Well In Overwatch


3. Mind The Drop Guys!


2. Genji Making Mincemeat Of An Entire Team


1. This Is Definitely Peak Roadhog (But It’s Still Awesome)


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Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)