Second DLC for ‘Nioh’ Coming Soon

Developer Team Ninja announced the release date for Nioh‘s second DLC installment, titled ‘Defiant Honor’. Expect to see it two weeks from today, on Tuesday, July 25th.

The PlayStation Blog announcement was reported by IGN, and sheds some light on the DLC contents: Players will have the opportunity to explore Osaka Castle as the mythic warrior and servant to the Toyotomi clan, Sanada Yukimura. Your rival clan, Tokugawa, will be the opposition to conquer. Elsewhere, William will struggle through the freeze and cold toward Sanada Maru in hopes of finding Maria.

Priced at $10 (USD), Defiant Honor also features new unlockable characters, weapons and armors, magic items, guardian spirits, and more. Lucky players may earn a set of new trophies, and those seeking higher challenges can even increase the game’s level of difficulty.

For those who know nothing of the action-role playing game, check out the game’s launch trailer below:


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