REPORT: SNES Classic Edition Confirmed In Closed-Door Meeting With GameStop

Although it’s unclear when Nintendo will make an official announcement, multiple sources are reporting that the company has confirmed the existence of the SNES Classic Edition, the long-rumored follow-up to last year’s highly popular (and hard to find) NES Classic.

This comes by way of Destructoid’s Jonathan Holmes, who spoke to multiple GameStop managers about the possible existence of the SNES Classic. Each manager (who all chose to remain anonymous) Holmes spoke to told him the same story: that Nintendo had held a behind closed doors meeting with GameStop managers and told them that they were told by a representative that the SNES Classic was real and that stores should start preparing for the inevitable avalanche of pre-orders that will come in once the console is officially announced. “They wanted to hype us up, but we all just sort of groaned,” said one manager, no doubt referencing the much-criticized stock shortages that occurred with the NES Classic last fall.

Another GameStop manager told Holmes the following:

“Yes, there is going to be a SNES Classic. No, it does not have a release date. No, Nintendo would not confirm that a N64 Classic would be coming next year. Yes, I will buy it day one if and when they make it, because Smash 64 is the best in the series, but no, it’s obvious why they’re doing this. They aren’t doing it for simple, direct profits. The real money is in games and licensing, but you can only sell so many games to so many hardcore gamers before you reach that ceiling. So they’re playing head games. At least, that’s how it sounded to me.”

“With these plug-and-play systems, they want headlines and foot traffic, dude. The Switch and the 3DS sell great, but if you want to get the normies out there to take a break from their regular Facebook and YouTube routines and do a Google search for ‘New Nintendo system,’ or better yet, actually walk into the Nintendo section of a store like this, you have to pander to that lowest common denominator with cheap s–t and nostalgia. Works every time, dude.”

Lack of eloquent language aside, this manager’s insight into Nintendo’s strategy with the NES Classic and now SNES model raises some interesting point. Nintendo was criticized heavily in recent months for discontinuing the NES Classic mere months after its initial release, but it could be all part of the company’s strategy to, as our GameStop manager friend so helpfully put it, to get “headlines and foot traffic, dude.”

We can only hope that Nintendo will choose to at least try and meet demand this time out, as there are a lot of people out there who likely still feel burnt over not being able to track down a NES Classic. In the meantime, we can only speculate as to what games Nintendo will choose to pack in with the SNES Classic; fortunately, we’ve already compiled a list of the 30 games we most want to see included. You should check it out!

Source: Destructoid

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)