‘Pokemon Go’ Loses 12 Million Users After Just One Month

Pokemon Go hit the world unexpectedly in July and it instantly became a global craze. Unfortunately, a combination of things have caused interest in the mobile game to suffer a staggering drop off.

According to data from Sensor Tower, SurveyMonkey, and Apptopia, Pokemon Go was averaging 45 million daily users in the first few weeks. Keep in mind that during that time, the game hadn’t even been released everywhere yet and the servers were constantly slammed with traffic, making the game unplayable for many.

However, we’re now at the end of August and the user base has dropped significantly — by roughly 12 million daily users. Game developer Niantic has been slow to respond to the needs of the community and have made several unpopular decisions, like shutting down third-party Pokemon tracking sites and removing their own tracking feature from the game (to be fair, it was broken anyway). Several other oft requested features, such as trading, breeding, and a more realistic gym battling system, seem unlikely to appear anytime soon.

However, Niantic is still working on improving the game. A new update will add a feature that allows users to get their Team Leaders to evaluate their Pokemon, allowing hardcore players to get a sense of how their favorite creature will fare in gym battles without relying on third-party IV evaluators. They have previously suggested improvements to Pokestops and tracking are also planned in the near future.

(Source: Arstechnica)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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