‘Pokemon Go’ Code Reveals Upcoming Buddy System Feature

Clever coders and tech geeks have uncovered something in programming code of Pokemon Go. It’s a new feature that should make those who are still playing the game quite happy.

According to pokemongohub.net, Niantic will soon release a “Buddy System” feature. Players will be allowed to choose one Pokemon to walk around with them, and the more they walk, the more candies that Pokemon will earn. It will count distance the same way as the game currently does for hatching eggs. There will be a daily limit on how many candies you can receive and you can only walk one Pokemon at a time.

Best of all, your Pokemon buddy will actually appear on the game map beside you, resting on your shoulder, or flying above you (depending on which type it is). This will be a great way to finally earn some candy for those Pokemon who very rarely appear in the wild.

Of course, critics will still cry foul that Niantic has yet to fully implement their new tracking system, which still makes hunting for nearby Pokemon a complete crapshoot for most users.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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