Pokemon Developer Job Ad Leads To Nintendo Switch Speculation

Game Freak, the developer responsible for the mainline Pokemon series, has posted several recruitment adverts for a console game, described as a globally popular RPG.

Originally reported by Siliconera, an ad for a 3D CG designer calls for someone to work on “characters, monsters and items” for “a title that everyone knows.” The listing specifically says that it’s for a console title, while a second advert for a character model creator specifies someone with experience of creating models up to “Wii U / PS Vita-level.”

While neither the name of the Pokemon title or the Nintendo Switch are mentioned by name, this news lends further fuel to speculation that Nintendo is planning to release Pokemon Stars, an upgraded version of Pokemon Sun and Moon, released last fall for the 3DS.

Debates over whether the Switch is more of a handheld or traditional console aside, if this game turns out to be Pokemon Stars, it would be the first mainline Pokemon game to every come to a console that is at least partially designed to be played on a TV, as the series has remained exclusive to Nintendo’s handheld consoles ever since Pokemon Red and Blue were released on the Game Boy in 1996.

Via: Siliconera, IGN

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)