Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Games Taste Awful

Let’s face it: Nintendo tends to cater to their younger audience.

Now, you could raise an argument to the contrary. Indeed, you could defend them to the bitter end. But this is not the point I want to raise. Instead, let us focus on some recent evidence: that Nintendo Switch games are coated in a foul tasting chemical so the young’uns are deterred from eating them.

It’s true! Videos and articles have been popping up like crazy, pitting unsuspecting tasters to the test. What makes this so ironic, is that by making their games taste horrible, Nintendo has opened the floodgates of temptation to gamers. What’s more, when you consider that this safety tactic was set in place to protect small children from choking, it’s laughable to see that fully-grown adults are the ones with cartridges in their mouths.

Check out this video for a good laugh:

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