Nintendo Might Be Working On A Game Boy Classic

Nintendo has released both a Classic Mini NES and a Classic Mini SNES in the span of a year and it looks like the video game giant may be working on a Classic version of its beloved handheld, the Game Boy.

As reported by Kotaku, discovered a trademark tweeted out by a Japanese trademark bot originally filed on September 15, and included the following Game Boy image:

The trademark listing also appears on the website Japan Platform for Patent Information:

Some key terms that come up in the trademark are “home video game console,” programs for smartphones,” “smartphone cases,” and “smartphone covers.” As Kotaku points out, some of these trademarks could be in place to protect the “Nintendo Classic Mini Game Boy” brand or even the Game Boy as whole.

Of course, this trademark filing has led many to speculate that Nintendo may be planning to release a Classic Mini Game Boy (although, do we really want this one to be “mini?”). It should also be noted that this past summer, Nintendo Europe filed for a Nintendo 64 trademark. And with the success of both the NES Mini and SNES Mini, it would make sense for Nintendo to be working on several different Classic Mini consoles.

We should learn more once Nintendo releases a statement but in the meantime, which Game Boy games would you want to see on a Classic Mini Game Boy?

(Via: Kotaku,

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)