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Nintendo Just Announced A Bunch Of New Switch Games For 2018

In a new Nintendo Direct video released today, the company announced a number of upcoming titles for the Nintendo Switch, including a mix of first and third-party software.

First off, Dark Souls is coming to the Switch! A port of From Software’s original action-RPG, Dark Souls: Remastered will include the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, as well as improved framerate and resolution. This marks the first time the series has hit a Nintendo platform (and hopefully not the last). It will be released on May 25.

A new Mario game is on the way as well. Mario Tennis Aces will feature a story mode for the first time in the Mario Tennis series since the Game Boy Advance version and is sure to be a fun multiplayer title on the console. It’s due for release in the spring.


The Switch is also getting a few Wii U ports. Retro Studios’ Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is making the jump over, with an additional player character (Funky Kong!) and new easier difficulty mode. It launches on May 4.

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is also on the way and will include every map, mission, and characters from both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of the game, plus all previous paid downloadable content. Fittingly, the game includes new outfits for Link and Zelda based on their appearances in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Expect this one sometime in the spring.

In addition to the new games, Nintendo also announced a free update on the way for Super Mario Odyssey. Coming in February, players will be able to visit Luigi’s Balloon World, which will include new mini-games such as “Hide It, in which players have a certain amount of time to hide a balloon and “Find It,” where players have the same amount of time to locate balloons hidden by other players from around the world.


Here are the rest of the major announcements, as per Nintendo’s press release:

Kirby Star Allies: Kirby’s debut on Nintendo Switch is a grand new adventure packed with content. The new Artist ability lets Kirby unleash his creativity, while the new Spider ability lets him ensnare enemies in webs. Kirby also can hurl new friend hearts at enemies to win them over with love and add them to his party. Plus, up to four friends* can team up and combine Kirby’s unique abilities with ally abilities for powerful new Friend Abilities. The game launches for Nintendo Switch on March 16.

The World Ends with You: Final Remix: This 2008 Nintendo DS game has been updated for Nintendo Switch with HD visuals and a new epilogue that sheds new light on the game’s story. Players can join rhythmic battles using either Joy-Con controllers or the Nintendo Switch touch screen. The game is scheduled to launch this year.

SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~: Play as iconic heroines from SNK’s history in a new, two-on-two tag-team fighting game. Players can activate a variety of Special Moves with the press of a button, and make use of special items to turn the tide of battle. One of the competitors will be Yuri Sakazaki from ACA NEOGEO Art of Fighting 2, which launches today in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch. SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~ launches on Nintendo Switch this summer.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana: When the passenger liner he was aboard sank, the adventurer Adol drifted to a deserted island inhabited by vicious creatures that have evolved in many different ways. To survive, Adol must gather fellow shipwreck survivors and build a base. High-speed battles require players to change between three types of characters at a moment’s notice. The epic RPG launches for Nintendo Switch this summer.

PAYDAY 2: As players join with friends* locally or online to execute elaborate heists, full touch-screen support makes menu navigation easier than ever, while the HD Rumble feature lets them feel everything from explosions to weapon recoil right in their hands. Debuting in the Nintendo Switch version of the game, a new playable character named Joy will be introduced. Joy is a Japanese computer whiz who wears a custom LED light mask that changes her appearance as she sees fit. PAYDAY 2 launches for Nintendo Switch on Feb. 27.

Fe: In this new type of platforming adventure, players run, climb and glide their way through a dark Nordic forest to explore its living, breathing world. Use the motion controls of the Joy-Con controllers to sing in tune with creatures and plants to unlock new abilities. Each song has a distinct sound and feel thanks to HD Rumble. The game launches digitally for Nintendo Switch on Feb. 16.

Celeste: This modern take on the pure action platformer lets Madeline climb any surface on Celeste Mountain if she has the stamina. Playing in Assist Mode lets players tweak the difficulty, from a slower pace to full-on invincibility. Unlockable B-side chapters offer even more challenging adventures. The game launches digitally for Nintendo Switch on Jan. 25.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: A new hero swings into action! Donkey Kong is headed to the game as a playable character, complete with an exclusive new storyline and world to explore. The DLC pack will release in spring and will be available for purchase individually, or as part of the Season Pass or Gold Edition of the game.

Pokkén Tournament DX Battle Pack: The Battle Pack is now available for purchase in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch and includes two Waves of Battle Pokémon and Avatar items. Wave 1 of the Battle Pack contains Battle Pokémon Aegislash and a new Support Pokémon Set featuring Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu. Aegislash can change between two formes, and players can wield them both. Wave 2 includes the new Battle Pokémon Blastoise and a new Support Pokémon Set featuring Mew and Celebi. Wave 1 will be available Jan. 31, and Wave 2 is scheduled for Mar. 23.

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)