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The First ‘Arms’ Update Brings New Game Mode & New Playable Character

Arms producer Kosuke Yabuki recently had an interview with Eurogamer where he revealed some details about tomorrow’s update.

According to IGN, a new mode will give players a chance to wear the mask of the game’s final boss, Hedlock, giving them full control of all four (or, six if you include normal-person limbs) of his flailing arms. Players will compete for the power-up while battling, and when a lucky boxer gets their gloves on the item, they’ll transform into the game’s antagonist. At that point, it’s everyone-stick-Hedlock; you’ll need to work together to take the juggernaut down. This mode will be available for online and offline multiplayer, so expect to battle the baddie in some coming matches starting tomorrow.

You’ll also receive a newcomer to your roster – Max Brass – a bulky wrestler with leather-straps for limbs. Check out his reveal trailer below:

Yabuki also reported the update will correct some gameplay balancing issues, so players who win by using the same attacks “over and over again,” will not be so fortunate in the future. Too bad for you, button-mashers and Ninjara throw spammers!


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