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‘Mario + Rabbids’ Coming Soon

Arguably, one of E3’s biggest surprises this year must have been Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, and on so many levels, the game simply screams (in some cases, literally) its own oddities. Now, it’s not unheard of for Mario to genre swap away from his traditional, 2D platformer roots – I mean, you can probably find a Mario game of any type: Mario sports, Mario racing, Mario RPGs, Mario puzzlers, Mario brawlers, Mario mobile, Mario this and Mario that. He’s everywhere, and that’s just Peachy (he had to find Peach in another castle, after all, so why not expand his own horizons? Pun entirely intended).

It’s also noteworthy to mention that Mario has seen his fair share of crossovers as well – he’s even gone head-to-head with his bitter rival, Sonic the Hedgehog. But what do you get when you mash-up the infamous plumber with a manic band of bunnies? A co-op (or solo), turn-based, strategy role-playing game, obviously.

French developer Ubisoft has teamed up with Nintendo to produce one of the strangest crossover titles you’ve never thought to imagine, because… why would you? Who came up with this? Should you be rolling your eyes and groaning? Preparing to flood the Reddit message boards with whiny trolling? Well, the short answer is no, because the game looks simply awesome. Check out the strangeness of Kingdom Battle below in the announcement trailer from E3:

Even the trailer’s music was odd (Airbourne’s It’s All For Rock N’ Roll), but I digress. The entirety of the mish-mashing is admittedly fun, and hopefully the game will play as pumped-up and energetic as the trailer.

Players will supposedly adventure through four different worlds and team up with Peach, Yoshi, Luigi and the Rabbids, in order to solve puzzles and combat whatever force has caused their two worlds to collide. The craziest part of this, is that the game is nearly finished – in fact, you’ll be able to pick it up for your Nintendo Switch as early as August 29th of this year.


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