Grand Theft Auto

‘GTA Kart V’ is The Game We’ve Always Dreamed Of

Now that we think about it, our love for the Grand Theft Auto series may have actually began the first time we played Mario Kart.

Think about it. Both games involve driving around and causing chaos. Sure, Mario Kart (and all of its various sequels) is still a racing game at its very core. But sometimes crushing your friends with a blue shell at the last minute is more important than actually winning the race. In the same way, sometimes mowing down pedestrians on the Los Santos beach is more fun than actually doing the GTA missions.

Now that GTA V is available on PC, the modding community has merged the two iconic games together into an amazing concoction that we want to play right now. YouTuber TheGuitarJammer has the relevant mods installed, and put together this awesome teaser trailer.

If you have GTA V for PC, you can download the Mario Kart mods here and here.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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