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Final Fantasy XV Will Have Six DLC Releases Source:

Sure, it only took roughly a decade, two console generations, and a title change to accomplish, but Final Fantasy XV is definitely coming out on September 30th of this year. Well, almost definitely, anyway. Who knows what could happen between then and now. But despite all the roadblocks that got in the way of this game actually making it to consumers, that hasn’t prevented Square Enix from planning additional content for the game that are scheduled to be released in the months (and possibly years) following the game’s release. Somehow, the irony of promising extra game content for a game that took forever to actually make must have been lost on them.

At this point, there are six DLC packs planned, which you can also get through purchasing a $25 Season Pass. Of course, they all only have working titles and no announced release dates, but trust Square Enix, they totally exist and you should buy them.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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