DOTA 2 6.86 Patch Announced

The long-anticipated 6.86 content and balance patch for DOTA 2, subtitled “Balance of Power”, has been announced and is expected to be released shortly. The patch introduces a new hero to the game, the Arc Warden, leaving only one pre-existing hero from the original Defense of the Ancients (the Abyssal Overlord) not implemented in DOTA 2. It also comes with several new items, a whole host of balance changes to existing heroes, and changes to the Reborn client.

In a move that will definitely shift the professional DOTA 2 meta, the heroes Terrorblade, Oracle, and Earth Spirit have been made available in Captain’s Mode, while Death Prophet, Riki, Lone Druid, Faceless Void, and incredibly popular heroes from the existing meta, Doom and Winter Wyvern, have been removed after having their abilities significantly altered this patch.

The 6.86 patch is anticipated to drop within the next couple of days, and the first chance to see the top pro teams in action in the new environment is the World Cyber Arena LAN finals, taking place in China starting December 17th.

You can read the full patch notes here.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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