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Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker for the Wii U is pretty much the current king of creation tool games. The combination of classic Mario gameplay and the game’s intuitive level designer have led to an explosion of awesome user-generated content (and a whole swatch of terrible stuff). It’s really too bad that this game is only on the Wii U, as the console’s low install base unfortunately limits the game’s audience. Still, there is a ton of interest in Mario Maker right now, especially when it comes to the insane difficulty level of some users’ creations. With well over a million levels now uploaded, there are no shortage of Mario Maker levels to share and play. If you’re looking for a real challenge though, look no further than these stages; they’re sure to test even the hardiest Mario player.

7. Panga’s Revenge: Skyzo

Alex, or “PangaeaPanga,” has emerged as the definitive creator of Mario Maker‘s most difficult level designs, which means you’ll be seeing his work pop up a lot on this list. Believe it or not, “Panga’s Revenge: Skyzo” is actually one of his tamer creations, but that doesn’t mean it’s not close to impossible all the same. What’s worse than having to sacrifice Yoshi to progress through a level? Doing it to twice in a row. On the bright side, you probably won’t make it far enough to kill Mario’s beloved steed anyway.

6. Suspicious Skyfort

Here’s a level that differs considerably from the others on this list, as its difficulty stems from its puzzle-like design rather than traditional platforming. You can read about Kotaku’s Patrick Klepek and his fruitless journey to try and conquer the elaborate maze of “Suspicious Skyfort” here. If you take it upon yourself to try and best it yourself, just know that it could take you days to conquer. Just think of all the other Mario Maker levels you could tackle in that same amount of time. Then again, it’s your life. If you want to spend countless hours trying to make it through a Mario maze, more power to you. Source:

5. Panga’s Revenge: Shell Shock

This one lives up to its name: you won’t only have to rely on some ridiculous Koopa shell manipulation to get through this gauntlet, but will probably find yourself sufficiently drained from repeatedly dying while trying to line up a never ending succession of perfectly-timed jumps. Don’t let that 45 second completion time fool you; this one will take you hours and may forever lie outside your grasp if your reflexes aren’t absolutely perfect.

4. Super Meat Bros.

Wearing its inspiration on its sleeve, Andre GX’s “Super Meat Bros.” level is a clear homage to the notoriously difficult indie hit Super Meat Boy. Fittingly, this Mario Maker level also puts players through a meat grinder of difficult platforming, with more spinning saw blades than a lumber mill. Just have a look at the comments of despair and misery that other players have left behind. Our favorite: “I don’t really want to go on cuz getting here was hard enough.” We agree, unfortunately player: life in Mario Maker is nothing if not a grind.

3. Underground Spin!

You really only need to watch a few minutes of this to get a good idea of the torture this player puts himself through while trying to finish the ridiculous “Underground Spin!”, but here’s a spoiler for how it ends: with every one of his 91 lives lost and no level completion stat to show for it. If you actually manage to watch the video in its entirety, you may come away with a slightly clearer picture of what the term “glutton for punishment” really means. Feel free to give this one a go yourself; we’ll be sticking to the easy levels, thank you.

2. Bomb Voyage

Believe it or not, this is not actually the hardest Mario Maker level out there. If you told that to the over 11,000 players around the world who tried and failed to clear PangaeaPanga’s course before one finally succeeded, they’d likely be inclined to firmly disagree…if they weren’t too busy still drying their tears. “Bombs Voyage” will make you question everything you thought you knew about playing Mario. We get that people like a challenge but this is ridiculous. There are things in this level that we would never have thought possible in a Mario game and now we question whether we ever really knew how to play these games at all.

1. Pit of Panga: P-Break

Clearing “Pit of Panga: P-Break” should be a recruitment tool for the Air Force or any other organization that requires robot-like reflexes. As of this writing, only the level’s creator — PangaeaPanga, of course — has defeated it and it took him longer to do that than it did to actually make the level! The only reason we know this level is actually possible to beat (besides the video evidence) is that the game requires a level to actually be cleared by its creator before it can be uploaded. That’s small consolation when “P-Break” is easily one of the most difficult moments of gaming we’ve ever witnessed. Is it even possible to build a Mario Maker stage worse than this? We’re sure someone will try.

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)