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Now that the new Star Wars Battlefront game is out, fans everywhere are once again reveling in frenzied, cinematic warfare in a galaxy far, far away. Although the game is officially considered a reboot of the original games, this time around developer EA DICE really wanted to pay homage to the original trilogy, and they spared no expense adding plenty of shout-outs and references to some of the franchise’s most iconic moments. But just in case you missed some of the harder to spot tributes, we’ve put together this list of all the hidden Easter eggs that can be found in Star Wars Battlefront.

7. R2-D2 and C-3P0 Intro

When you first start up the Star Wars Battlefront game, you’re treated to a delightful little scene where a tiny droid tries to avoid getting stomped by a lumbering AT-AT. But there’s actually an alternate intro that can be unlocked that features everyone’s favourite astromech and protocol droid.

To access the alternate intro, go to the game’s main menu and you should see R2-D2 appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Once he shows up, wait for a few minutes until the screen changes and you hear C-3P0’s voice. The two droids will then exchange some bickering and banter before eventually walking off into the distance.

6. The Wampa’s Cave

In The Empire Strikes Back, you might remember Luke gets surprise attacked by a giant carnivorous reptomammal on the ice planet Hoth. On the Hoth map in Star Wars Battlefront, inside a pretty common looking cave, you’ll notice a variety of bones scattered around suggesting that it’s a Wampa lair. Possibly the very same Wampa lair where Luke was temporarily stored as a frozen snack.

While the Wampa can’t be encountered in the game, should a player commit suicide by walking off the map, the game will display a message saying the player was “killed by a Wampa.” Source:

5. Jabba’s Palace

Built out of a pile of unsightly sandblasted metal, Jabba’s base of operations seems much less like a palace, and more like some sort of garbage recycling facility. Nevertheless, if you wish to visit the sluggish crime lord’s residence, you can find it on the Beggar’s Canyon map. Just fly out of the canyon beyond the boundaries of the map and you should see the building off in the distance. As you get closer you’ll see that it’s unmistakably Jabba’s palace, however, you can’t actually go inside since the game will automatically destroy your ship if you stay out of the combat zone for too long.’s_Palace Source:

4. Tusken Raiders

As one of the first less human-looking alien races to appear in Star Wars, the Tusken raiders have wormed their way into the hearts of many fans with their nomadic ways and threatening yet comical wailing. Tatooine is the planet they call home and, as such, if you keep your eyes peeled you can find some of them prowling around the cliffs on Tatooine-based levels in Star Wars Battlefront. For example, when going through Beggar’s Canyon, you can spot a small grouping of Tusken huts on a stretch sticking out from the rocky cliffs. These raiders seem pretty docile though, they barely pay any attention at all to air battle going on around them.

Once you start walking around Tatooine on foot, other slightly more aggressive raiders can also be found peering over the cliffs in a number of locations on the map. Feel free to shoot at them if you like. You won’t be able to kill any of them, but they will return fire. In future updates they might even return in greater numbers. Source: Youtube

3. Krayt Dragon Bones

This is probably an Easter egg that only the superfans will appreciate, so bear that in mind. Back when C-3P0 and R2-D2 were on their way to being captured by scavenging Jawa’s in A New Hope, they pass by the bones of what look to be a huge snake-like beast. Well, those are actually the bones of a krayt dragon, a large carnivorous reptile native to Tatooine.

The developers were certainly playing close attention to the details when they were designing the levels in Star Wars Battlefront. On the Tatooine-based Dune Sea Exchange map, if you travel to the outer edges you’ll come across the massive skeleton of the krayt. Which is actually pretty cool to see up close. Source:

2. Medical Droid 2-1B

Like many other occupations in the Star Wars universe, the field of medicine is dominated by droids. And according to 2-1B, he’s the most sophisticated medical droid in the entire galaxy. Casual Star Wars fans might not recognize the droid by name (or number), but he’s the one who patched Luke up after his run-in with the Wampa on Hoth. And later, when Luke loses his hand in the first confrontation with Vader, he specifically requests 2-1B to treat his injuries.

As it would happen, the Rebels sent a 21-B to Tattooine to aid the rebels in Star Wars Battlefront. Players can find him in the middle of a cluster of huts on the far left-hand side of the map. Unfortunately, you’ll find that the droid isn’t nearly as helpful as he was for Luke. He doesn’t provide you any healing or supply you with cool robotic prosthetic limbs. Source:

1. Stormtrooper Blooper

The most recently discovered Easter egg comes in the form of the original Star Wars trilogy’s most famous bloopers. When you go into the game and choose “solo missions,” you are treated to an opening cinematic. Far in the background you should be able to make out two stormtroopers walking under a stairwell and one of them smacks their head on the low ledge as they go. Just like one of the stormtrooper actors did in a take that actually made it into the final cut of A New Hope.

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