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Over 40,000 Steam Accounts Banned For Cheating

Nathan Grayson wrote a shocking article on Kotaku today, explaining how a whopping 40,411 Steam accounts have been banned for cheating on games like Counter-Strike GO. Players risk nearly everything they own on Steam – literally – when taking chances with aim-bots and other hacks, but Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) can auto-detect even the best of them, so cheating is more or less asking to be permanently exiled from the popular gaming service.

Following this year’s massive Summer Sale, the Steam Database reached a record number of bans, making the previous record from October of 2016 seem infantile by comparison (at only 15,227). Moreover, another 4,972 accounts were banned if you account for in-game reports, meaning that the total value of digital items and cosmetic purchases lost was nearly $10,000!

Cheaters be warned! The dark road you march is wrought with peril!


A. J. Acey (@AJ_Acey)

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