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There’s a mobile game out there sweeping the smartphone and tablet world and as the app reviews will tell you, it’s one of the best superhero games in recent years. Despite being over a year old at this point, Marvel’s Contest of Champions is the next great bit of comic gaming content for iOS and Android. For those who don’t know, Contest of Champions (C0C) is a saga of superheroes being kidnapped under mysterious circumstances and made to fight in tournaments for the Collector (Benicio del Toro’s character from Guardians of the Galaxy), while also trying to get to the bottom of what brought them all there in the first place. Basically, it’s just a really good game based on Marvel properties, something that is in surprisingly short supply these days. Like any good mobile game, it’s fun, addictive, and constantly expanding with new content. If you’re a Marvel fan and looking for a good mobile game, this is the one for you! Here are the reasons why you should take the plunge and hit “download” on Marvel’s Contest of Champions:

10. The Characters

Even when first starting out, there are plenty of characters available. Half the fun in CoC is upgrading them to their fullest potential and the clever thing is, there are many ways to make the most of your characters. As the Summoner, you must focus on leveling up your Champions, increasing your ranks, and unlocking masteries in an effort get them to their full potentials. New events bring about opportunities to win new characters to compete for and upgrade. The Champions come in different tiers, ranging from one-star all the way to the recently added five-star (these characters are recently added and are incredibly difficult to acquire presently). All of the superheroes are divided into classes and certain classes have advantages over others. In addition, some champions can team up to give each other an added boost or edge in fights, which makes every fight feel different and entertaining. Source:

9. Great Gameplay

CoC‘s controls are easy to pick up and the graphics are surprisingly good for a mobile fighter. Players can be quite successful in the game making little-to-no in-app purchases, although there are some characters that are only available by purchase. You can also increase your chances of winning new characters or content with a purchase, which is unfortunate, but that’s the reality of the free-to-play model these days. There are so many ways to play the game, it is no exaggeration to say that you could very well find yourself playing it for hours upon hours. From the Single matches, Arena matches decided by a best of three, story quests, Alliance quests and for the truly advanced Summoners, the Realm of Legends, brand new players will find a ton of modes to focus their time on. Source:

8. It’s Time Consuming

Of course, that aspect can be a good or bad thing, depending on how much of your life you’re willing to devote to Contest of Champions. For instance, the game shines if you find yourself travelling a long way on public transit a lot. Equally so for waiting rooms, study breaks, rainy days, or any other instance of potential boredom. To truly excel at this game, time must be put in. There are so many moving parts to leveling up Champions that no detail or aspect can stand to be overlooked for too long or else it will stall your progress. All of this takes quite a bit of time, which makes for incredible replay value. Events cycle through quickly in a matter of days and earning enough points to achieve rank levels to will help you level-up, rank-up, improve your Champions, and even earn prizes. Source:

7. Interactions With The Game’s Developers

The folks at Kabam listen to the demands of Contest of Champions fans pretty often. From gripes about the looks of a certain character’s moves/costumes to the accessibility of rare prizes, at some point, Kabam offers an update that generally include a lot more than simple bug fixes. There are numerous gifts, rewards, and changes made by the developers, all at the behest of the persistent, passionate, and clearly dedicated Summoners who reach out to voice their concerns with any facet of the gameplay (as gamers are wont to do). Most changes made are to improve the overall quality of the user experience, from backgrounds to the opening and loading screens. Kabam seems to think of it all or at least weigh in the popular suggestions when making their updates, which is refreshing to see in a mobile game. Source:

6. Tie-In Comic Book

Marvel is taking a page from DC Comics by featuring a comic book accompaniment with CoC: it has worked well for Injustice: Gods Among Us and the Marvel’s Contest of Champions comic drawn by Paco Medina and written by Al Ewing feautures superheroes who aren’t currently fighting in the game and fills in some story gaps. It has also provided a platform for the creation of the brand new character named Guillotine, co-created with Kabam. She draws her powers from a magic sword that’s been a family heirloom since the French Revolution and she is pretty badass. The book and the game stories work well together, not making one overly dependent on the other for the player or reader’s enjoyment. Plus, it helps Marvel sell a few more comics, which is never a bad thing. To tie them together even more, perhaps future issues can reveal hidden tips Summoners can use to gain advantage in-game. Source:

5. Rolling Crystals

A notable feature of Contest of Champions, crystals are collectibles packed with in-game rewards like power-ups, revives, and new characters. Some only require that you log into the game every four hours to collect a prize. Like most effective games of chance, it’s packaged nicely with sounds and unique colors to the crystals and at the bottom is the spinning prize options and when you press the screen, it slows to its eventual stop on your prize. It may just be a gimmick similar to those found in other free-to-play mobile games, but when you snag a rare prize with a rolling crystal, it’s a pretty delightful experience. Source:

4. Alliances

No new game on any platform can hope to survive without some kind of extended connectivity between players and Contest of Champions is no exception, taking the form of Alliances. Going at it alone in CoC is totally possible but truly shortchanges the experience. There are thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of Alliances of 30 Summoner rosters worldwide, with more joining every day. The gameplay is competitive at every skill level, allowing for lots of room for players to improve in versus mode and once they are feeling particularly confident in their high ranking squad, players can join up in Alliance Quests which is, in essence, a cooperative story mode with even better rewards that would be otherwise impossible to get without an Alliance. Source:

3. Marvel Cinematic Universe Content

Since the game’s release in 2014, Kabam has made an effort to bring its players and Facebook group exclusive content, such as early release trailers, San Diego Comic-Con releases, as well as events based around Marvel film releases such as Avengers: Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy (even Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D got an event over the holidays). There has also been exclusive content and events prior to the Netflix releases of Daredevil and Jessica Jones which saw players compete for new characters relating to the shows. As more movies, TV shows, and even comic titles are launched, the tie-ins into each are all present and accounted for in Contest of Champions. Via

2. Social Media and Community

The ways in which CoC players can connect to each other, outside of Alliances, is quite vast between Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Kabam is deft in their abilities to keep updated content such as game upgrade announcements, new characters, new events, as well as video content of gameplay and creating an inclusive community where players can discuss all aspects of the game, and those are just the mainstream avenues. Players are connecting to each other to discuss everything from upcoming events and contests to Alliance strategies, and are reaching out to other players to court for new Alliances. Friendships are forged through this game, as so much time is spent playing it, communicating with your Alliance becomes a key strategy and as the sense of camaraderie grows, so too do the friendships. It’s quite commendable in an era where technology seems to be doing more to get in the way of making friends more often than not. Source:

1. The Limited Time Offers And Future Content Announcements

As diligent as Kabam is at changing up content such as new characters, new Crystals, and even daily deals on in-app purchases, they put in equal effort into developing new ways to play. As of this writing, players can see a new game mode called Alliance wars in the fight menu labelled as “coming soon” and before that, there was a time when Alliance Quests were a new addition, as well as the ominous Realm of Legends. This game and its developer don’t show any signs of slowing down or resting on their laurels. If Kabam continues to listen to player feedback the way they have so far — continuing to entice new players while rewarding the diehard faithful — there will be no limit to this game’s potential and no chance of stopping it from being one of the most-played Marvel games around. Source: Youtube


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