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The long-awaited reboot of one the most celebrated Star Wars games is finally out. Star Wars Battlefront thrusts players onto the battlefields of familiar, original trilogy planets like Tatooine and Hoth. The game’s online multiplayer mode supports up to 40 players in a match and, while the controls and gameplay aren’t especially difficult to get the hang of, there are a few aspects that might escape you during the game’s brief operating tutorial. Not to worry though, these helpful tips will have you ranking up and on your way to level 50 in no time.

10. Stay Low and Use Cover

When playing objective-based game modes like Supremacy or Droid Run, staying alive is critical to securing points of interest. By using the Personal Shield Star Card, you can provide yourself with some added protection while you move in and perform the capture animation. The shield won’t hold forever though, so once it’s down it’s up to you to use that crouch button and find some cover so you can hold the objective. Source:

9. Use the Right Weapon for the Job

Missions might not help level up as quickly as online multiplayer matches do, but they’re a good way to get exposure to all the available weapons in the game so you can get a better feel for which loadouts best suit your play style.

None of the guns in Star Wars Battlefront require reloading, however, they can overheat. Keep an eye on the meter just below your crosshairs when you fire. If it forms a half-circle, your weapon will overheat and you’ll need to wait for it to cool down before you can shoot again. It’s possible to bypass the wait time if you press the square button (Ps4 controls) as the draining heat meter passes through the yellow area. For those who have played Gears of War, this trick is very similar to the active reload technique.

Choosing the right weapons all depends on how you like to play. If you prefer to get up close and personal, you can forget about using scopes as much and stick to weapons like the CA-87 shock blaster. The standard blaster rifles for each faction—E-11 for Imperials and A280C for Rebels—are designed to fair well at medium range since they have both a scope and relatively accurate rapid fire.

After testing out all the weapons in the missions you’ll have a much better idea of where you’ll want to spend your credits once you’ve reached the higher ranks and unlocked everything. Source:

8. Learn How to Use the Jump Pack

Jump packs are your best friend in Star Wars Battlefront. You can use them to maneuver to better tactical positions around the map, evade pursuers, and even dodge locked-on homing shots. They’re also a good way to get yourself to the front lines as quickly as possible. Source:

7. Make Good Use of Turrets

On Hoth there are a multitude of turrets you can take advantage of to decimate your opponents. They come in two varieties: the DF.9s are the big white turrets and the ATGARs are the ones that look like a satellite dish. Knowing how each of these stationary guns operate can make the difference between winning and losing a match.

The DF.9 fires a volley and then requires a brief cool down period. It’s high rate of damage and area of effect make it excellent for destroying tightly grouped infantry units.

The ATGAR is an anti-vehicle turret. Use it for taking down AT-ATs and AT-STs as well as other enemy controlled turrets. Source:

6. Become an Ace Pilot

Flying around at top speed is a good way to avoid getting hit by enemy fire, but it can reduce your effectiveness when trying to shoot down other enemy fighters. The best thing to do when attempting to shoot someone out of the sky is to decrease your speed before firing. Yes, you will become more vulnerable at slower speeds, but you’ll inflict more damage on enemy fighters. Once your target is taken out, you can use evasive maneuvers and go full throttle until you set your sights on the next target. You should also always remember to always lock on to targets before firing for increased accuracy. Source:

5. Respawn Near Your Friends

When you die in Star Wars Battlefront you might notice that there’s a button on the respawn screen that allows you to rejoin the game right next to a friend you’re currently playing with. Not only is this a good way to find your buddies on the battlefield, it’s a great way to promote and maintain team cooperation throughout the match—which is essential for winning any objective-based games. Source:

4. Utilize Vehicles During Early Game

If you’re playing as the Empire on Hoth, it’s a good idea to try and grab an AT-AT or AT-ST at the first opportunity. Imperial vehicles are pretty overpowered and can absolutely dominate the early game if the Alliance forces aren’t organized enough to put a stop to them. Source:

3. Memorize the Locations of Hero Tokens

Just like in the previous games, Star Wars Battlefront allows individuals to control a multitude of heroes and villains during combat. These characters can deal a ton of damage if used correctly and have special abilities that aid allied players. In order to take control of a hero or villain you’ll need to collect the Hero Tokens that are dispersed throughout each map. Knowing where the hero tokens spawn can give you an important tactical advantage. Source: YouTube

2. Eliminate Enemy Heroes and Villains

Taking on a Hero or Villain in Star Wars Battlefront can be a daunting task. Characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader have much higher attack powers and defenses than regular soldier characters, and you shouldn’t expect a direct attack with a simple blaster to be very effective against them. You’ll find your chances of success will greatly improve if you equip yourself with some high-powered explosives like thermal detonators and rockets launchers before approaching them. Because explosive weapons can’t be deflected, they’re quite effective against lightsaber users like Luke and Vader. Source:

1. Know How to Effectively Use Heroes and Villains

Heroes or Villains have the potential to wreak havoc on the battlefield, but only if the player controlling them knows what they’re doing. Keep in mind that the hero/villain characters Han Solo, Leia, and Boba Fett all excel in open area combat where they can use their blasters and dodge incoming fire. Conversely, characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and The Emperor are the close combat specialists who thrive in environments where they can rush in with their lightsabers and devastate enemies with powerful melee attacks. Getting the right hero in the right situation can quickly set your team on the path to victory. Source:

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