10 Amazing GTA ‘Wasted’ Moments From Real Life Via YouTube

If you’ve ever played a Grand Theft Auto game, you will be very familiar with the “Wasted” screen when your character inevitably bites the dust. Whether in a gunfight with a rival gang or by attempting that ridiculous motorcycle stunt jump for the 27th time, you die A LOT in GTA. It’s unavoidable. And some of those deaths are hilarious.

Even more hilarious is applying the “Wasted” screen to things that aren’t related to GTA at all. After all, doesn’t a viral trampoline fail video become even better when you can picture it happening in Los Santos or Vice City? The creative people over at /r/wastedgifs have been doing it for years. We went through and picked our favorites to share with you.

10. Hockey Wasted

This guy needs to work on his stick handling to avoid future cases of being wasted.

9. Skiing Wasted

Regular skiing already has enough potential for wasted moments, did they really need to add a giant puddle?

8. Prank Wasted

If you prank this guy, you may end up wasted.

7. Flood Wasted

A double whammy of bailing out and then slamming into a pole. Ouch.

6. Real Life GTA Wasted

Man, the graphics on that new GTA look so life-like!

5. Birthday Wasted

At least her friends waited until the candles were blown out.

4. Wasted Kitty

This kitten needs to toughen up.

3. Frozen Wasted

Do you wanna build a snowman? Yes? Too bad, Anna, you’re wasted.

2. Gym Wasted

Medicine balls are heavy. This guy found out the hard way.

1. Parkour Wasted

When done right, the art of parkour can be breathtaking to watch. When done wrong, well… wasted.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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