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James May Confirms When ‘Top Gear’ Trio’s New Show Will Debut On Amazon Prime

Ever since Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May announced last year that they would be creating for a new car show for Amazon Prime, people have been anxiously waiting for details on how soon they’d be able to watch it. But thanks to James May’s recent Reddit AMA, we now have an answer: this fall.

When someone posed the question “Are we allowed to ask when your new show with the other two fellas is coming out?,” May replied with “The Autumn, or fall if you’re in the US. That’s as specific as I can be.”

This answer further confirms what Jeremy Clarkson had Tweeter earlier this month.

While no other details have been released thus far, we can expect the as yet unnamed new program will be just as full of super speed, wild road trips and hilarious antics as Top Gear—if not even more so.

(Source: Autoblog)

Rachel Despres

Rachel Despres