Honda Halts Sales on 2016 Civic Models With 2.0-Liter Engine

A problem with the 2.0-liter four-cylinder version of the 2016 Civic has caused Honda to issue a stop sale on the model, as the issue may lead to engine failure. For those that have already been purchased by customers, the automaker is planning to recall and inspect the vehicles. Chris Martin, a spokesperson for Honda, spoke to Autoblog and indicated that this issue does not affect any Civics that have the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine.

Martin also said that “while the specific details of this action are still being determined, American Honda has provided preliminary information to the NHTSA and intends to provide more details in a formal notification to NHTSA on Friday, February 5.” Honda will issue an official statement about the problem once the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration assesses the details.

According to a document posted on the CivicX forum, the issue affects approximately 34,000 vehicles that may have missing or mis-set pin snap rings that could cause engine stall or failure. Although replacement parts are not yet available, Honda is in the process of securing the materials required to support the necessary inspections and repairs. Customers whose vehicle are affected by this recall will be notified by mid-March of 2016.

(Source: Autoblog)


Rachel Despres

Rachel Despres